Hice Sewing, INC has been locally owned
  and operated for over 15 years.

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Our products are priced to fit the budget of hard working Americans, just like us.

 We, here at Hice Sewing, 
aim for the highest quality product possible.

Call us Monday through Friday,
from 7:30 am - 3 pm (central).

The Office
Our friendly and courteous sales staff is waiting to assist you with any product questions or concerns that you may have.

Call us Monday through Friday,
from 7:30 am - 3 pm (central).

We also have a store in Athens, Alabama  
The Athens store is located in downtown Athens
at 405 West
Washington Street.

The Warehouse
To keep our prices cost effective, we cut out the middle man.  Most HICE labeled garments are cut and sewn here.

Buy direct and save!

The Sewing Floor
This is where most of the HICE labeled tops, pants, jackets, and skirts are sewn, by very talented seamstresses.

These ladies are always working hard to make quality scrubs 
for other hard workers.

The Stock Room
Our store is open to the public.  Walk-ins are welcome to this well stocked facility.

There are hundreds of items available for immediate purchase.

All garments are separated by printed tops, printed jackets, solid tops, solid jackets, and solid pants.

They are all in individually marked bins for
your shopping convenience.

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